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Terms and Conditions which the user must abide by as a member of Addlink Traffic Profiles
  • If Packetloads is assured trade mark laws are broken information will be deleted and a permanent ban could take place with further action

  • We here at Packetloads have all rights to delete your Packetloads account in suspicion or detection that you or any other party have broken any terms stated here

  • You don't detail any obscenities linked to your profile e.g. porn, swearing, multiple ids etc.

  • Under no circumstances you use multiple ids

  • If we at Packetloads feel that your information is harming anything, anyone and other profile users your account will be deleted

  • You must go to the contact us page and message us to change your email details

  • Due to personal and business details, changing email details may not be instant as we will make sure the right entities are stipulating changes (this is purely for your security and for a safer service)

  • You understand your account is monitored

  • Do not display your email address that links to your Packetloads Account Profile

  • Do not display anybodys email address that is linked to their Packetloads Account

  • Any information you, party or any other group display is at your own risk and any blame cannot fall upon Packetloads

  • After 6 months of inactivity on your Packetloads account your details and account information may be deleted

  • If you have no information on your profile in 1 month on opening your account (other than your username, state, country and city) your account will be automaticly deleted

  • These terms and agreements may change and you must keep updated with these rules

  • You will be reminded 1 month before before we terminate accounts, if you have not responded after the 1 month notice then all displayed information will be terminated with due respect

  • If you require new identification, have issues with other users or wish to delete anything from your Packetloads Profile account please use the contact us page .